Explore your creative side with our qualified art teacher Lorraine, who is passionate about making art accessible to all. Enhance your observational skills and drawing techniques as you investigate line, shape, negative space, tone and colour, using a variety of mediums. Develop your skills with like-minded people in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Thursdays 12pm–1.30pm, starting 

Term 3, 21/7 (9wk) $164*

Term 4, 6/10 (11 wk) $200*

Location: 32 Henry St

natural object & still life drawing


For those who want to explore the art of sculpture with an easy to use satisfying medium that delivers instant results. Your teacher Lorraine will show you how to use paper clay and your imagination can do the rest. 

Thursdays 1.45pm–3.15pm, starting 

Term 3, 11/8 (6wk) $109*

Term 4, 20/10 (6 wk) $109*

Location: 32 Henry St

Paper clay


for beginners and social knitters

Knitting is back and becoming more popular by the day. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join in the fun. The aim of the course is to build confidence and teach you the basics (and more if you are up for it). The course will cover how to choose the correct yarn, the different thickness as well as choosing what needle types to use for different projects. 

Sunday Afternoons 2pm - 3.30pm

Term 3, 24/7 (9wk) $90

Term 4, 9/10 (10 wk) $100


Location: 32 Henry Street

Some beginner materials included in your first lesson.