Parkside Pop Ups

Our Parkside Pop Ups run on Tuesday evenings and are a fun and affordable way to try something new. Come on your own or bring along a group of friends. 7pm-8.30pm. $30 per class.

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Making Gnocchi

16 Feb, 7pm-8.30pm, $30

A workshop covering the science and health behind the Mediterranean Diet though the demonstration of simple authentic food, such as potato gnocchi, with a range of flavours and individual sauces. Our tutor, Carmel, will share recipes handed down through generations, using only the best seasonal ingredients.


Creative Easter Decorations 

30 March, 7pm-8.30pm, $30

Kelli from The Petal Provedore, the host of our sold out Christmas Wreath workshop, has an undisputed passion for flowers and floral arrangements. Join her in this hands-on workshop creating unique and colourful Easter decorations for your home.


Kefir and Yoghurt Making 

9 March, 7pm-8.30pm, $30

Yoghurt and Kefir are a healthy part of our everyday diet, traditionally made from dairy milk. In this workshop you will learn how to make your own, how to use it in smoothies, ice-cream, dips or make kefir cream cheese. There will be a milk kefir starter pack to purchase on the day.

Copywriting That Gets Attention

18 May, 7pm-8.30pm, $30

Whether you're writing or approving copy, this workshop will make your work easier. Beginners will learn how to write simpler, clearer and more persuasive sentences. Seasoned writers will find this workshop a back-to-basics refresher. This workshop is led by Stephanie Sta Maria, a writer and editor.

Kombucha and Gut Health

15 June, 7pm-8.30pm, $30

Make your own Kombucha - a workshop covering the history of this fermented probiotic drink, how to make it, what can go wrong and why. On the night, you can buy your very own ‘SCOBY’ with starter tea, for $30 (cash only), and get started brewing at home.


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