Sunday Series

Do you have an inquisitive mind and a love of learning? We have put together a fun series of Sunday afternoon workshops that enable us to dive into a topic or participate in a broad ranging conversation.
$55 per class, unless stated otherwise.

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Soapstone Jewellery Carving 

29 Aug, 2pm-5pm, $55

If you have ever wanted to make your own artisan jewellery but don't know where to start, then this class with Brittany is perfect for you! Soapstone is a very soft, porous, metamorphic rock. You will carve soapstone into a wearable pendant (or pair of earrings!) that you may colour and take home to enjoy. This jewellery class is totally beginner-friendly, bring a friend and enjoy an afternoon of fun soapstone carving!

pesian cooking.jpg

Persian Cooking 

5 Sep, 2pm–5pm, $55

Embark on a culinary journey through the wonders of Persian cuisine. In this hands-on class with host Forouzan, you will prepare a healthy four course Middle Eastern meal with traditional spices, ingredients and techniques from the region. Included in this flavoursome and healthy array will be overbaked mains, stews, dips, salads and sweets.

Image by Denise Jans

My Hero’s Journey

10 Oct, 2pm–5pm, $55

My Hero’s Journey is an interactive event, presented by Esther Xu, designed to take you to experience the full cycle of a transformational hero’s journey (separation, initiation and return) based on true inspirations of her own journey. You will be guided to reconnect with the immensely powerful abilities we were born with, enabling us to become the heroes of our lives, realise our dreams and overcome every challenge we encounter in life.

Hawthorn, Sourdough baking

Simple Sourdough Making 

20 June, 2pm-5pm, $55

Time to rise to the challenge and prove yourself capable of creating your own tough-crusted and deliciously dense sourdough in this workshop for beginners. Sourdough is made through the process of fermentation, a natural leavening, you’ll learn why sourdough is simply the best bread, get yourself a sourdough starter and bake perfect loaves.

Image by Colton Sturgeon

Meditation & Mindfulness 

18 July, 2pm-5pm, $55

Are you new to mediation and mindfulness or do you want to refine and develop your skill? Join us in a workshop that helps you to relax your body and mind, sample what is taught in more detail in our meditation and mindfulness weekly class.

Ikebana Akemi.png

The Art of Ikebana 

8 Aug, 2pm-5pm, $55

The Japanese art of flower arranging, also known as Ikebana, plays an important role in Japanese culture. It is an art form that embeds a unique set of aesthetics. The class covers a brief history, the main principles for the composition, and a hands-on Ikebana experience. Please bring a pair of scissors and a shallow dish. You will take home your completed arrangement.

Image by The Matter of Food

The Art of Fermenting

8 Aug, 2pm-5pm, $55

A class focusing on the ins and outs of obtaining great gut health through fermented foods, we learn how to make Sauerkraut and other fermented produce and sample this delicious food! We will also look at ways to make it healthier and more delicious with the addition of different spices and seasonal vegetables.